Poem: Of Gemstones and Precious Metals

You don’t need the smoky colored quartz dangling in your hair,
Or the liquid rubies painted onto your soft lips,
Or the powdered gold dusted onto your eyelids to hide the look of pain.
You don’t need the silver buttons strung up your shirt to make your aura seem pure,
Or the perfect pearls around your throat to tease and allure,
Or the obsidian skirt hugging your thighs to add the finishing touch.
You don’t need the diamond blade to make you bleed imperial topaz onto your marble floor,
Or the laxatives made of howlites to cut your figure thin,
Or the breast implants made of danburites to make you seem attractive.
You are worth more than the emeralds that people compare your eyes to.
You are worth more than the sapphires that make up the water in your body.
And you are worth more than the taaffeites that compose the air you breath.
You are a perfect angel without the expensive things.
Just sing sweet lullabies of the truth and be yourself,
To ensure you live in a beautiful reality.

Poet: Oleander Micheal Osiris

But remember the God in you the hope of glory, who brings the favor of His beauty upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us;
yes, establish the work of our hands!

Read Bible Scripture Psalm 90:17; This poem is copyrighted ©LogenMichel 2015
Original Source: Hello Poetry

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