Devo Day 13: A Real Desire To Praise God


Day 13 Todah, Sacrifice of Praise
Photo Image Day 13 from A Real Desire To Praise God by Shelena Griffiths

“I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.” – 1 Timothy 2:8

From My Book: A Real Desire To Praise God

New Devotional Below (Not from Book)

Lift your holy hands, Praise Your God without fear or doubt. He is worthy of Todah.

Just about every concert, you see people lifting their hands in adoration. They are excited to see the group or individual that they paid money for to see. Do you know they are worshipping and don’t even know about it? If they can response in this manner without knowing, how much more will you lift your hands to someone who created the group or individuals in a concert and made all things on this earth?

God is worthy of worship. Lift your hands in Praise. Give Him Todah, You can do it!

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