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Author of  A Real Desire To Praise God

Blogger of I Love Praise And Worship, Coming Out Of Egypt, and this site.

Shelena Griffiths, author and blogger, has decided to obey God’s command fully without hesitation or doubts. You will understand “Shelena4Real” and all of her wisdom to shape the body of Christ in the image of God.

Who is Shelena Griffiths?

I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children; who loves to express myself to whoever will listen. You must read without being easily offended in anyway, if so you are in the wrong place.

I do not think it is important to express my knowledge of this world (but I will – anyway), but to share my love for the Word of God (my heart’s passion). In Christ Jesus, I move and have my being! God has sent His son into the world to heal, broken long-standing chains, and to bring freedom to the soul.

I believe this is my purpose as well (seeing Jesus as my role model in this life). Jesus did not come to condemn  anyone, but to set at liberty to all who will come to Him, according to God’s rules.

My job is just to listen…and only answer if you are really seeking advice!

I’m writing this blog when the mood hits me, and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to give me some feedback. I appreciate it, if you do!  Contact me with your private email service  or use contact form below for advice, suggestions, or website problems.

This is who I am, and I hope you will enjoy my blog post of a rampant Christian Woman.



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