God’s Perfect Time: Do you understand the “Die Back Season” to Gain Victory?

Q. Perennial plant, caterpillar’s metamorphoses, and Neo from the movie Matrix, what do they have in common? A. A die back season; which transforms and change from its former state into another. All intended purposes seems hopeless, there's no room to improve. The fight is fixed to lose, so you cry out in the midst …

Silly Joke: Who Will Make The Coffee?

I got a silly one for you to smile or laugh about on this wonderful day that the Lord God has made for us: A married couple were arguing who is making the coffee, the wife said that in the Bible it says that men should make the coffee and the husband asked her where …

Expand Your Territory Wherever

Sometimes we need a little help with directions getting to our destination. Do you have to right information and landmarks to help with driving, walking, or getting the train to our Father's House. If not continue reading, I will help you.

Do People Really Listen?

Listening is an art form, and it takes practice. Simply listening is not enough, if you do not understand. Please do not answer without knowing the whole matter. If you do, it is foolishness bound in ignorance. Check out this story, and you'll get the point!