Kindness Stories

Share your random act of kindness story with us?

Do you have someone in your life who inspired you to be a better person?
Did you witness an act of kindness that left an impression?
Share your kindness story with the world.


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Submitted by Coleen Crouch USA

The pastor of the church I attend, Pastor Kissa Vaughn, challenges the congregation – sermon after sermon – to reach and grow beyond our comfort levels with new challenges all the time. This week she challenged all of us to do one random act of kindness for each of the 40 days of Lent. Imagine the impact that would make on our communities if we all undertook such a selfless act!

Submitted by Jan Williams USA

My church has a program called road crew. We go out one Saturday of the month and give meals to the homeless. This is a great idea because the homeless can rely on at least one meal a week. It is so gratifying to see their faces light up when you give them their meal.

Submitted by Amanda Jones USA

My life partner always acts as fuel when my fire seems to be dimming. He always keeps me motivated and encourage. I never knew how impactful words of encouragement could be until I meet him. My job role is one of which I am look upon to encourage others. His guidance and kind words has help me tremendously with my role as a motivator. I am so thankful for my Rock Clarence!

Submitted by Grace Johnson USA

Today while I was shopping at Sam’s (it’s like Walmart) a random employee came up to me, gave me a rose and said,” I think you should have this and walked away. ” This made me feel so happy and good. The earth is a wonderful and full of kind people!!!!

Submitted by Martha Stewart USA

For about a year now I’ve been helping out a Philadelphia soup kitchen called Grace Cafe. It’s run by the Arch Street United Methodist Church in central Philly. I found out about it through a Philadelphia volunteering website. I was hooked on it from the first time I went. They give out around 200 meals every Sunday to those who need it. They are entirely donation funded and volunteer run. Usually I go and do dishes there. But I realized I could help more by fundraising to buy ingredients and then actually make the dinner. So that’s what I did – twice! I’ve come to feel like the other volunteers there are an extended family. I’m accepted there even though I’m not part of their church. We’re united by the purpose of helping our community. I still am there as many Sundays as I can make it, and I’m planning to fund/make another dinner for them again.